Some are inspired by summer days and daffodils.
Some are moved by troubles and tragedies.
Some speak of noble causes and the selfless deeds of heroes.
Some stir the darkness that sits at the bottom of men's souls.

I am moved by the sight
of grease covered parts piles
of gears, clutches and shafts
by billet brake calipers
and radial mount master cylinders
and new old stock racing rotors
and lightened close ratio gear sets
which have sat in their boxes
for twenty years until
a racer wants to build a bike
for the event that takes place
at Daytona in March.

I am inspired by the pursuit
of that elusive quality, mechanical perfection
and I give reverence
to the capillary force
that binds oil onto bearings
and friction which holds bolts in place
and the conversion of  volatile hydrocarbons and oxygen
to power along with water and other byproducts,
which brings these machines to life.