Ed Milich is a contributor to Motorcyclist Magazine and Keith Martin's Sports Car Market Magazine, the Moto Guzzi National Owners Club Magazine and the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association Magazine as well as proprietor of popular motorcycle websites Guzzitech.com, Bimotacagiva.comMotobastard.com, and his blog, La Vida Meccanica. He is also a championship winning motorcycle roadracer with Willow Springs Motorcycle Club and the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association. Milich's newly released first book, Wrenched, documents his racing and wrenching experiences in poetic form, largely utilizing unrhymed free verse and plain, unadorned prose.


Moto GP OD - episode 208 12/09

Motorcyclist Magazine
, 8/09

Roadracer X
Article, 3/5/09

"You have no idea how much I'm enjoying Wrenched. Seriously." - Aaron Frank

"It. Was. Good. ...smart, funny, and full of insight into the satisfactions and many frustrations of riding, repairing, and racing motorcycles."- Mark Gardiner, Road Racer X

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WOW ! What a BOOK! Excellent & honest observations! -johnmacdirtbikes

nice read. Thanks for this and the Alazzurra parts. -sbbloom69

This book is a must read for any one who has ever turned a wrench for a living. -johnezee

Got the book, thanks for signing it. Yup, carb cleaner and race fumes. brusher6amv

After reading his book I realized I'm not the only freak in the world. Positive? -2lazydogs

Above and Beyond my expectations! Says more about the soul than wrenches!-apwired

the book sucked but the transaction was great- indecisiveme

I am enjoying "Wrenched". I keep it by the shitter. It helps keep me regular.- Bruce Nicola




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